Ecosystem services variables from the UK Environmental Change Network (ECN)

J. Dick, C. Andrews, D.A. Beaumont, S. Benham, D.R. Brooks, S. Corbett, D. Lloyd, S. McMillan, D.T. Monteith, E.S. Pilgrim, R. Rose, A. Scott, T. Scott, R.I. Smith, C. Taylor, M. Taylor, A. Turner & H. Watson
73 ecosystem services variables for 11 Environmental Change Network (ECN) sites throughout the UK mainland. The variables cover provisioning (food, fibre, fuel, genetic resources, biochemical and pharmaceuticals, ornamental), regulating (air quality regulation, climate regulation, water regulation, erosion, human diseases, biological control, pollination, natural hazard, other hazards) and cultural (cultural diversity) service types. The list of variables was agreed at an ECN site manager's workshop as representative of the high level categories defined by the Millennium...
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