Urination data for Welsh Mountain ewes grazing upland and lowland pastures in North Wales, 2016

K.A. Marsden, L. Lush, J.A. Holmberg, M.J. Whelan, A.J. King, R.P. Wilson, A.F. Charteris, L.M. Cardenas, D.L. Jones & D.R. Chadwick
The data contains urination metrics including frequency, volume, chemical composition, estimated urine patch N loading rates and metabolomics profile of individual urine events from sheep (Welsh Mountain ewe) grazing a semi-improved upland pasture and a lowland improved pasture located in North Wales, UK. Urine collection studies were run in the spring, summer and autumn of 2016 for the semi-improved site and in autumn of 2016 on the lowland improved pasture. Sheep were housed in urine...
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