Countryside Survey mapped estimates of Broad Habitat area change in Great Britain between 1990 and 2007

C.J. Barr, M.J. Brown, R.G.H. Bunce, P.D. Carey, K. Chandler, R. T. Clarke, A. Crowe, M.K. Gillespie, C.J. Hallam, D.C. Howard, L.C. Maskell, M. J. Ness, L.R. Norton, R.J. Scott, W.A. Scott, S.M. Smart, R.C. Stuart, C.M. Wood & S.M. Wright
This dataset consists of change data for areas of Broad Habitats across Great Britain between 1990 and 2007. The data are national estimates generated by analysing the sample data from up to 591 1km squares and scaling up to a national level. The data are summarized as percentage increase or decrease in habitat area per Land Class (areas of similar environmental characteristics) and are in a vector format. The sample sites are chosen from a...
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