210Pb-dated historical lake sediment metal concentrations from Greater Glasgow, Scotland (mid-19th century to 2016)

S.D. Turner, H. Yang, N.L. Rose, J. Shilland, H. Bennion, V. Jones, C. Sayer & A. Baker
Measurements of sediment properties (including organic and carbonate content), radionuclides (210Pb, 137Cs, 241Am) and elements (including mercury, nickel, copper, zinc, and lead) in lake sediment successions. Radionuclide dating provides a reliable chronology of sediment ages from the mid-19th century (sometimes only 20th century) to the present (2016). The dataset comprises a standardised matrix of multiple measured sediment variables (element values per mass) against stratigraphic depth for 8 lakes. In some water bodies multiple core datasets...
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