Soil physical, chemical and biological measurements in the Conwy Catchment (North Wales) 2013 and 2014

H.C. Glanville, S. Reinsch, S.M Smart, B.J. Cosby, M.R. Marshall, B.A. Emmett, L.L. De Sosa, C. Cerdá-Moreno, E. Mesa, I. Mart­ínez, J. Espí­, S. Chesworth, W. Havelange & D.L. Jones
The data consist of general physical, biological and chemical parameters for soil samples taken in the Conwy catchment in North West Wales. Samples were collected between 2013 and 2014 across a land use intensification gradient ranging from semi-natural peatlands, acid grasslands to improved grasslands and arable fields. Soil cores were taken to a depth of 1 metre and divided into 15 centimetre (cm) depth increments. General soil physical and chemical parameters were measured at each...
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