UK Environmental Change Network (ECN) rabbit and deer data: 1993-2012

S. Rennie, J. Adamson, R. Anderson, C. Andrews, J. Bater, N. Bayfield, K. Beaton, D. Beaumont, S. Benham, V. Bowmaker, C. Britt, R. Brooker, D. Brooks, J. Brunt, G. Common, R. Cooper, S. Corbett, N. Critchley, P. Dennis, J. Dick, B. Dodd, N. Dodd, N. Donovan, J. Easter, E. Eaton … & M. Whittaker
Rabbit and deer data from the UK Environmental Change Network (ECN) terrestrial sites. These data are collected by transect at ECN's terrestrial sites using a standard protocol. The protocol uses an index method based on dropping counts (of deer, rabbits - and where appropriate sheep and Grouse) to estimate relative abundance. They represent twice-yearly continuous records from 1993 to 2012. ECN is the UK's long-term environmental monitoring programme. It is a multi-agency programme sponsored by...
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