Processed airborne radio-echo sounding data from the WISE-ISODYN survey across the Wilkes Subglacial Basin, East Antarctica (2005/2006)

Fausto Ferraccioli, Hugh Corr, Tom Jordan, Carl Robinson, Egidio Armadillo, E. Bozzo & G. Caneva
During the austral summer of 2005/06 a collaborative UK/Italian field campaign collected ~61,000 line km of aerogeophysical data over the previously poorly surveyed Wilkes subglacial basin, Dome C, Transantarctic Mountains, George V Land and Northern Victoria Land using airborne survey systems mounted in a Twin Otter aircraft. Our aircraft was equipped with dual-frequency carrier-phase GPS for navigation, radar altimeter for surface mapping, wing-tip magnetometers, a LaCoste and Romberg air-sea gravimeter, and an ice-sounding radar system...
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