Structure and composition of woodlands across Mozambique

E. Woollen, C.M. Ryan, O. Nhaduco, I.A. Daude, A.A. Manguiao, A.A. Da Costa, S.N. Lisboa, J.F. Junior, L. Mutemba, A. Pais, M. Zavale, S. Cumbula, H. Xerinda, H. Buque, D. Meneses, C. Rodrigues, A.M. Mário, N. Ribeiro, L.P. Domingos, A. Mbandze, R. Stedham & P. Jennings
This dataset contains quantitative measurements of woodland structure and composition sampled in twenty-seven different villages across three Districts in Mozambique, Africa. Data were collected from 431 plots where tree stem structure and composition, litter and grass biomass, coarse woody debris, and canopy cover data were recorded. Woodlands within seven villages in Mabalane District, Gaza Province, ten villages in Marrupa District, Niassa Province, and ten villages in Gurue District Zambezia Province were sampled. Data were collected...
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