UK Environmental Change Network (ECN) common breeding birds data 1971-2007

S. Rennie, J. Bater, D. Beaumont, S. Benham, C. Britt, D. Brooks, A. Brunt, J. Brunt, S. Corbett, N. Critchley, N. Donovan, P. Hargreaves, M. Howe, M. Lane, S. McMillan, M. Morecroft, D. Onley, R. Overall, D. Pallett, S. Schafer, T. Scott, L. Sherrin, C. Shortall, R. Smith, P. Smith … & K. Tyson
Bird species data from the UK Environmental Change Network (ECN) lowland terrestrial sites. These data were collected, using the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO)'s Common Bird Census methodology (CBC), at ECN's lowland terrestrial sites using a standard protocol. This protocol was abandoned in favour of the Breeding Bird Survey (Rennie et al (2017) UK Environmental Change Network (ECN) bird data: 1995-2015 in 1999; however, some sites continued to follow this protocol for a number...
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