BEDMAP3 - Ice thickness, bed and surface elevation for Antarctica - standardised data points

Alice Fremand, Peter Fretwell, Julien Bodart, Hamish Pritchard, A. Aitken, Jonathan Bamber, R.E. Bell, C Bianchi, Robert Bingham, Donald Blankenship, G. Casassa, Ginny Catania, K Christianson, H Conway, Hugh Corr, X. Cui, D Damaske, V. Damn, R. Drews, G. Eagles, O. Eisen, H. Eisermann, Fausto Ferraccioli, Rene Forsberg, S Franke … & A. Zirizzotti
We present here the Bedmap3 ice thickness, bed and surface elevation standardised CSV data points that are used to create the Bedmap3 gridding products in addition to the previous data releases. The data consists of 50 million points acquired by 17 different data providers in Antarctica. The associated datasets consist of: - Bedmap1 standardised CSV data points: - Bedmap2 standardised CSV data points: - Bedmap3 statistically-summarised data points (shapefiles): This work is...
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