Farm scale evaluations of herbicide tolerant genetically modified crops - maize

R.J. Scott, P. Baker, D. Bell, S. Bennett, C. Birchall, C.W.H. Boffey, D.A. Bohan, D.R. Brooks, E.L. Browne, G.T. Champion, S.J. Clark, R.E. Daniels, A.J.G. Dewar, A.M. Dewar, C.M. Fairfax, L.G. Firbank, B.H. Garner, A.J. Haughton, C. Hawes, L.A. Haylock, M.S. Heard, M.O. Hill, S.L. Horne, S.E. Hulmes, N.S. Mason … & M.W. Young
This dataset consists of a range of ecological measurements collected from a set of arable fields, each sown with a combination of genetically modified and conventional maize crops. Measurements include species counts in the following areas: weed seedbank, vegetation in the crop, field edge vegetation, invertebrates. The data were collected as part of the Farm Scale Evaluations (FSEs), a four-year programme of research by independent researchers aimed at studying the effect that the management practices...
1 citation reported since publication in 2012.
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