Topsoil physico-chemical properties from the UKCEH Countryside Survey, Great Britain, 2020

D.A. Robinson, J. Alison, M. Brentegani, N. Chetiu, B.A. Emmett, E. Fitos, R.A. Garbutt, H. Guyatt, P.A. Henrys, A. Hunt, P.O. Keenan, A.M. Keith, I. Lebron, C. Long, B. Meek, J. Millani Lopes Mazzetto, C. O’Rourke, D.W. Pallett, M.G. Pereira, A. Pinder, R.L. Rowe, P. Scarlett, F. Seaton, S.M. Smart, M. Wagner … & C.M. Wood
This dataset consists of measures of topsoil (0-15cm) physico-chemical properties from soils sampled from 49 x 1km squares across Great Britain in 2020 as part of a rolling soil and vegetation monitoring program of 500 1km squares repeated every 5 years. The properties included are: soil organic matter (loss on ignition (LOI)), derived carbon concentration, total soil organic carbon (SOC), nitrogen, Olsen-phosphorous, pH, electrical conductivity, soil bulk density of fine earth and fine earth volumetric...
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