Bioavailability and toxicity of nanomaterials in sewage sludge to earthworms

E. Lahive, M. Matzke, M. Durenkamp, A.J. Lawlor, S.A. Thacker, M.G. Pereira, D.J. Spurgeon, J.M. Unrine, C. Svendsen & S. Lofts
Data comprise earthworm survival and weight change data after 28 days exposure to nanomaterials and reproduction data after 56 days exposure. Concentrations of zinc and silver in extracted soil pore water and ultra-filtered pore waters are reported as well as pH and dissolved organic carbon data. The body concentration of zinc, silver and titanium in three earthworms from each replicate after 28 days exposure are included. Data were generated from a laboratory exposure experiment of...
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