Biodiversity, environmental and social data 2007-2008 for the project Improving the Success of Agri-environment Schemes (FarmCAT)

M.E. McCracken, B.A. Woodcock, M. Lobley, R.F. Pywell, E. Saratsi, R.D. Swetnam, S.R. Mortimer, S.J. Harris, M. Winter, S. Hinsley & J.M. Bullock
This dataset consists of butterfly and bumblebee counts, winter bird counts, number of flowering units, and seed mass data, along with categories of soil type and quality, and temperature data. Data were collected from arable farms under the English Entry Level agri-environment Scheme (ELS) for two options: Nectar Flower Mixture option (NFM) and Wild Bird Seed Mixture (WBM). Surveys were carried out in 2007 and repeated in 2008. All data were collected using standardised protocols:...
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