Molecular analysis of freshwater bacterial biofilm communities under experimentally manipulated dissolved organic carbon regimes at Llyn Brianne (2014)

I.M. Russo, H.B. Feeley, M.C. Pye, N. Razi, K. Sworn, L Chrimes, D. Edwards, M. Nicholls, S. Johnston, C. James, A. Williams, I. Durance & A.J. Weightman
These data consist of raw 16S rRNA gene sequences for the bacterial communities in three upland Welsh river sites under different treatments. A mapping file with metadata for each sample is provided and a operational taxonomic unit (OTU) table. These sites were situated in three streams from the Llyn Brianne Stream Observatory, Powys, Wales, UK (52°08' N, 3°45' W). The catchments cover approximately 300 square kilometres of upland Wales in the upper Afon Tywi. These...
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