Effects of coloured environmental noise on life history variation and population dynamics in the Plodia-Venturia trophic interaction

M. Mugabo, D. Gilljam, L. Petteway, E. Hall, C. Yuan, M.S. Fowler & S. M. Sait
This dataset contains information on life history variation and population dynamics in response to coloured environmental variation in the laboratory model system comprised of the moth Plodia interpunctella (Pyralidae; Hübner) and the parasitoid wasp Venturia canescens (Ichneumonidae; Gravenhorst). Data were collected from two complementary experiments investigating the effects of daily coloured temperature fluctuations on individual life history variation (single-generation life history experiment) and population dynamics (multi-generation microcosm experiment) in both species. In both experiments, the...
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