Future flows hydrology data

T. Haxton, S. Crooks, C.R. Jackson, A.K.A.P. Barkwith, J. Kelvin, J. Williamson, J.D. Mackay, L. Wang, H. Davies, A. Young & C. Prudhomme
Future Flows Hydrology (FF-HydMod-PPE) is an 11-member ensemble projections of river flow and groundwater levels time series for 283 catchments and 24 boreholes in Great Britain. It is derived from Future Flows Climate, an 11-member 1-km bias-corrected and downscaled climate projection products based on the SRES A1B emission scenario. River Flows data are at a daily time step: Groundwater Levels data are at a monthly time step. Future Flows Hydrology span from 1951 to 2098....
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