Functional and epiphytic biodiversity differences between nine tree species in the UK

R.J. Mitchell, R.L. Hewison, J. Beaton, R.K. Haghi, A.H.J. Robertson, A.M. Main, I.J. Owen & J. Douglass
The dataset contains information from 234 trees at six sites across the UK collected in 2018. The tree species studied were Acer pseudoplatanus sycamore, Castanea sativa sweet chestnut, Fagus sylvatica beech, Fraxinus excelsior common ash, Quercus cerris Turkey oak, Q. petraea sessile oak, Q. robur pedunculate oak, Q. rubra red oak and Tilia x europaea common lime. The presence of all lichens and bryophyte species on the trunk to a height of 1.75m were recorded...
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