Coastal Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Sustainability (CBESS) macrofaunal community metrics - total abundance (TA), total biomass (TB), species richness (SR), evenness (J) and community bioturbation potential (BPc) in mudflat and saltmarsh habitats

C.L. Wood, S.J. Hawkins, J.A. Godbold & M. Solan
The dataset details total abundance (TA), total biomass (TB), species richness (SR) and evenness (J) [all based on abundance and biomass] and community bioturbation potential (BPc) across six intertidal sites in the winter and summer of 2013. The data provide metrics relating to the macrofaunal communities present within the top 10cm of sediment. Three sites were located in Essex, South East England and the other three in Morecambe Bay, North West England. Each site consisted...
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