Techno-Economic Assessment of Biomass Pre-Processing (TEABPP) - Analysis and Recommendations Report

R. Taylor, H. Westerbeeke, L. German, A. Bauen, G. Brownbridge, A. Bhave, N. Bianco, R. Wong, A. Lawal, N. Shah, L. Martinez, M. Eastwood, K. Hughes & M. Pourkashanian
The techno-economic project will provide a greater understanding of the options available to modify or improve the physical and chemical characteristics of different types of UK-derived 2nd generation energy biomass feedstocks, that may otherwise reduce the cost-effective performance of conversion technologies

This report (Deliverable 6) presents prioritised recommendations for further research into pre-processing technologies following the analysis of ten supply chains, two of which generate heat, and eight generating power to compare their costs, efficiencies and...
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