Oxygen Dynamics in Y2O3 doped Bi2O3: (Bi0.8Y0.2)2O3 and (Bi0.6Y0.4)2O3

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The high ionic conducting delta-phase of Bi2O3 can be stabilized at ambient temperature in a range of compositions, viz., (Bi1-xYx)2O3 (x=0.1 -0.5). We would measure inelastic (vibrational) as well as quasielastic neutron scattering (QENS) spectra for (Bi0.8Y0.2)2O3 and (Bi0.6Y0.4)2O3 from 300 K to 1100 K. The diffusion in (Bi1-xYx)2O3 starts at a low temperature of around 500 K. Our ab-inito molecular dynamics simulations show that diffusion of oxygen (at 1000 K) in (Bi0.7Y0.3)2O3 is much...
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