Ecosystem Land Use Modelling & Soil C Flux Trial (ELUM) - Chronosequence methodology approaches in literature, including specific recommendations for sampling for ELUM

A.M. Keith, E. Bottoms, P. Henrys, J. Oxley, K. Parmar, M. Perks, R. Rowe, S. Sohi, E. Vanguelova & N.P. McNamara
This deliverable presents a critical review of paired site and chronosequence approaches in the literature and provides specific sampling recommendations and a UK sampling roadmap for the Ecosystem Land-Use Modelling project (ELUM). It looks beyond bioenergy plantations to uncover the best practices to determine the effects of Land Use Change (LUC) on soil carbon stocks. Work Package 2 (WP2) will adopt these approaches in the context of the most relevant bioenergy transitions across the UK.The...
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