Uniaxial creep test data for 13 CrMo 4 4 se material at 550 °C and a stress of 110 MPa (third repeat test)

This data collection consists of uniaxial creep, uniaxial tensile, and elastic modulus results from tests performed on low-alloy steels at FZ Jülich in the scope of COST 501/II/WP5 C. With COST 501 Round II Work Package 5 concerned with the prediction of residual lifetime under simulated service loads, the WP5 C sub-package was focused on steam pipe steels.In the scope of the WP5 C sub-package, creep rupture testing of 13CrMo 4 4 (1Cr0.5Mo0.25V) and 14MoV...
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