Structure and evolution of the polar stratosphere and mesosphere and links to the troposphere during the International Polar Year, 2007-2009 (SPARC IPY)

, Saroja Polavarapu, Craig Long, Diane Pendlebury, Dragan Jokic, Ellie Farahani, , Matt Reszka, Mike Keil & Mike Neish
There are six individual sets of model results in this dataset. Some details are listed below (full lists of modelled variables are provided in the accompanying README file). 1. ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts): Native format: GRIB; Horizontal grid: 1440 longitudes x 721 latitudes (.25 x .25 degree grid); Vertical grid: 91 hybrid model levels to 0.01 hPa; 7 modelled variables; Dates available: 01 June 2007 to 31 May 2009. 2. NCEP (National...
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