Water column chemical data of lakes and fiords along the northern coastline of Ellesmere Island (Ward Hunt Island observatory)

Warwick Vincent, Marie Lionard, Julie Veillette, Patrick Van Hove, Sophie Charvet & Sébastien Bourget
Water samples were taken down the water column of several lakes and fiords (Lake A, Lake B, Lake C1, Lake C2, Lake C3, Ward Hunt Lake, Disraeli Fiord, Milne Fiord and Taconite Inlet) located along the northern coastline of Ellesmere Island (Nunavut, Canada) to investigate their chemical characteristics (TN, TP, Nitrate-nitrite, SRP, DOC, TOC, DIC). Chemical analyses were processed at the National Laboratory for Environemental Testing (NLET, Burlington, Ontario, Canada) or at Institut national de...
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