Concentration (fg/kg) of radioactive isotope Thorium-230 (230Th) in the Beaufort Sea at 3 stations in 2007 and at 4 stations in 2009

University Of British Columbia Roger Francois
The dataset consists of 230Th concentrations (fg/kg seawater) measured in the Beaufort Sea at three stations in 2007 (Sept 22-Oct 15) and four stations in 2009 (Aug 27 - Sep 12). 20L samples were collected and quickly filtered through an Acropak cartridge (0.45 um). The samples were then acidified to pH 2 with concentrated HCl and spiked with pre-weighed quantities of 229Th and FeCl3. Acidified samples were left to equilibrate for 12 to 24 hours...
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