Ecological monitoring of polar bears and seals in Nunavut a step toward the future.

Steven H. Ferguson, Elizabeth Peacock, Andrew Derocher, Mary E. Obbard, Melissa A. McKinney, Nick Lunn, Sebastian Luque, Seth Stapleton, Tara Bortoluzzi & Vicki Sahanatien
We deployed satellite transmitters on live ringed seals captured in Hudson Bay in the summer of 2009. Polar bear transmitters have been deployed in Hudson Bay in 2007, 2008, and 2009. This project will provide management information and advice for the Hudson Bay and Foxe Basin ringed seal stocks by: (1) delineating movements that may bring juveniles and possibly adults into areas hunted by other communities, (2) assessing sex- and age-specific site fidelity of individual...
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