Environmental data for an ordination analysis explaining the abundance of MAST-1 sub-clades

Connie Lovejoy, Mary Thaler, Eddy C. Carmack, , Joannie Martin, Karen Scarcella & Yves Gratton
The datasets present new data from microscopic counts and selected nutrient and physical data assembled from the following missions. Aboard the CCGS Louis St-Laurent: IPY Canada's Three Oceans 2007. Aboard the CCGS Amundsen: International Polar Year (IPY) Circumpolar Flaw Lead Study 2008; ArcticNet 2008. Temporal coverage is July-September. Cell density of the three sub-clades MAST-1A, MAST-1B and MAST-1C was measured by cell-counts using fluorescent in situ hybridization with taxa-specific probe. Biomass of phototrophic organisms, of...
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