Automated Ribosomal Inergenic Spacer Analysis (ARISA) of fungal Internal Transcribed Spacers region of 18S rRNA genes. Soil samples taken from Long-term Ecological Research (LTER) greenhouse treated and control plots at Toolik Lake, AK; 5 sampling da

Suzanne Simard, Julie R. Deslippe, , , Martin Hartmann & William Mohn
In the summer of 2006 and 2007, we collected soils treated with warming by greenhouses since 1989, which are maintained as part of the Arctic Long-term Ecological Research (LTER) site at Toolik Lake, AK (68o38'N, 149o34'W, elevation 760m). Total nucleic acids were extracted from soil samples allowing for the simultaneous assessment of the total and actively growing components of the soil microbial community. We used Automated Ribosomal Inergenic Spacer Analysis (ARISA) of the Internal Transcribed...
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