Silicon nanoparticles with a polymer-derived carbon shell for improved lithium-ion batteries: Investigation into volume expansion, gas evolution, and particle fracture

A. Schiele, B. Breitung, A. Mazilkin, S. Schweidler, J. Janek, S. Gumbel, S. Fleischmann, E. Burakowska-Meise, H. Sommer & T. Brezesinski
Silicon (Si) and composites thereof, preferably with carbon (C), show favorable lithium (Li) storage properties at low potential, and thus hold promise for application as anode active materials in the energy storage area. However, the high theoretical specific capacity of Si afforded by the alloying reaction with Li involves many challenges. In this article, we report the preparation of small-size Si particles with a turbostratic carbon shell from a polymer precoated powder material. Galvanostatic charge/discharge...
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