Understanding the Li-ion storage mechanism in a carbon composited zinc sulfide electrode

Guiying Tian, Zijian Zhao, Angelina Sarapulova, Chittaranjan Das, Lihua Zhu, Suya Liu, Aleksandr Missiul, Edmund Welter, Julia Maibach & Sonia Dsoke
Sulfide compounds are interesting conversion electrode materials for Li-ion batteries, due to their high theoretical capacity. However, they suffer from large volumetric changes and fast capacity fading. To overcome these issues, nanosized zinc sulfide (ZnS) modified with polyelectrolytes and graphene (ZnS-C/G) has been synthesized and investigated as an enhanced conversion-alloying anode material. In situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction and X-ray absorption spectroscopy are used to elucidate the Li storage process during the 1st cycle. In addition,...
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