Interfacial and Foaming Properties of Tailor-Made Glycolipids—Influence of the Hydrophilic Head Group and Functional Groups in the Hydrophobic Tail

Rebecca Hollenbach, Annika Ricarda Völp, Ludwig Höfert, Jens Rudat, Katrin Ochsenreither, Norbert Willenbacher & Christoph Syldatk
Glycolipids are a class of biodegradable surfactants less harmful to the environment than petrochemically derived surfactants. Here we discuss interfacial properties, foam stability, characterized in terms of transient foam height, gas volume fraction and bubble diameter as well as texture of seven enzymatically synthesized surfactants for the first time. Glycolipids consisting of different head groups, namely glucose, sorbitol, glucuronic acid and sorbose, combined with different C10 acyl chains, namely decanoate, dec-9-enoate and 4-methyl-nonanoate are compared....
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