Vegetation biomass change in China in the 20th century: an assessment based on a combination of multi-model simulations and field observations

Xiang Song, Fang Li, Sandy P Harrison, Tianxiang Luo, Almut Arneth, Matthew Forrest, Stijn Hantson, Gitta Lasslop, Stephane Mangeon, Jian Ni, Chao Yue, Thomas Hickler, Yiqi Luo, Stephen Sitch, Xin Xu & Zaichun Zhu
Vegetation biomass is a key and active component of the carbon cycle. Though China's vegetation biomass in recent decades has been widely investigated, only two studies have quantitatively assessed its century-scale changes so far and reported totally opposite trends. This study provided the first multi-model estimates of China's vegetation biomass change for the 20th century and its responses to historical changes in environmental and anthropogenic factors, based on simulations evaluated with the field observations from...
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