Lecture 14. Glycobiology.

Gregory Alan Weiss
UCI Chem 128 Introduction to Chemical Biology (Winter 2013) Instructor: Gregory Weiss, Ph.D. Description: Introduction to the basic principles of chemical biology: structures and reactivity; chemical mechanisms of enzyme catalysis; chemistry of signaling, biosynthesis, and metabolic pathways. Index of Topics: 0:02:04 Enzyme Functions 0:06:10 Serine Based Proteases 0:10:44 Protein Based Inhibition of Proteases 0:13:10 Covalent or Mechanism-Based Protease Inhibitors 0:15:02 Inhibition of Serine Esterases 0:17:07 Enzymes Use Co-Factors (Vitamins) 0:21:31 The Origins of Stereospecificity in...
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