Data on spin-singlet to triplet Cooper pair converter interface

Matthew Rogers, A. Walton, Machiel Geert Flokstra, R. Stewart, Stephen Lee, Thomas Prokscha, A.J. Caruana, C.J. Kinane, Sean Langridge, Fatma Al Ma'Mari, H. Bradshaw, Timothy Moorsom, M. Ali, Gavin Burnell, B J Hickey & Oscar Cespedes
This dataset contains the measurements reported in the manuscript "Spin-singlet to triplet Cooper pair converter interface". In this study, we fuse magnetism and superconductivity in a system where spin-ordering and diffusion of Cooper pairs are achieved at a non-intrinsically magnetic nor superconducting Cu/C60 interface. Electron transport, magnetometry and low-energy muon spin rotation are used to probe time-reversal symmetry breaking in these structures.
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