Data to support study of Structural transformations and spin-crossover in [FeL2]2+ salts (L = 4-{tertbutylsulfanyl}-2,6-di{pyrazol-1-yl}pyridine) − the influence of bulky ligand substituents

Malcolm Halcrow, Rafal Kulmaczewski, Faith Bamiduro & Oscar Cespedes
Desolvation of [FeL2][BF4]2·xMeNO2 occurs via an intermediate phase, exhibiting hysteretic spin-crossover (SCO) with a reverse step in its warming branch. Incomplete SCO in the final product phase reflects disorder of an L ligand. [FeL2][BF4]2·yMe2CO contains five complex cations per asymmetric unit, four of which undergo gradual SCO in at least two discrete steps.
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