Genomic data from the Chinese Rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta lasiota)

G Yan, G Zhang, X Fang, Y Zhang, C Li, F Ling, DN Cooper, O Li, Y Li, AJ Van Gool, H Du, J Chen, R Chen, P Zhang, Z Huang, Thompson, Y Meng, Y Bai, J Wang, M Zhuo, T Wang, Y Huang, L Wei, J Li, Z Wang … & J Wang
The Chinese rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta lasiota) is a subspecies of rhesus macaques that mainly resides in western and central China. Due to their anatomical and physiological similarity with human beings, macaques are a common laboratory model. Also, as several macaques species have been sequenced, such as the Indian rhesus macaque and the crab-eating macaque, examination of the Chinese rhesus macaque (CR) genome offers interesting insights into the entire Macaca genus. The DNA sample for...
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