Supporting data for \"Artificial intelligence deciphers codes for color and odor perceptions based on large-scale chemoinformatic data\"

Zhang Xiayin, Zhang Kai, Lin Duoru, Zhu Yi, Chen Chuan, He Lin, Guo Xusen, Chen Kexin, Wang Ruixin, Liu Zhenzhen, Wu Xiaohang, Long Erping, Huang Kai, He Zhiqiang, Liu Xiyang & Lin Haotian
Color vision is the ability to detect, distinguish, and analyze the wavelength distributions of light independent of the total intensity. It mediates the interaction between an organism and its environment from multiple important aspects. However, the physicochemical basis of color coding has not been explored completely, and how color perception is integrated with other sensory input, typically odor, is unclear.
Here, we developed an artificial intelligence platform to train algorithms for distinguishing color and odor based...
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