3-D α colony characterisation and prior-β grain reconstruction dataset of a lamellar Ti-6Al-4V specimen.

Euan Wielewski, D.B. Menasche, P.G. Callahan & R.M. Suter
Near-field high-energy X-ray diffraction microscopy has been used to characterize the three-dimensional (3-D) crystallographic orientation field of the hexagonal close-packed [alpha] phase in a bulk Ti-6Al-4V specimen with a lamellar ([beta]-annealed) microstructure. These data have been segmented using a 3-D misorientation-based grain finding algorithm, providing unprecedented information about the complex 3-D morphologies and spatial misorientation distributions of the transformed [alpha] lamella colonies. A 3-D Burgers orientation relationship-based flood-fill algorithm has been implemented to reconstruct the...
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