Evaluating the Antimicrobial Activity of Methonolic Extract of Rhus Succedanea Leaf Gall

Savitri Shrestha, Sundara Rajan Subaramaihha, Sujan Ganapathy Parthiv Subbaiha, Ravi Shankara Birur Eshwarappa & Dhananjaya Bhadrapura Lakkappa
Introduction: The worldwide increased bacterial resistance to antibiotics and the undesirable side effects associated with constant use of synthetic drugs has prompted the search for novel antimicrobial agents, particularly those manufactured from plants. This study is designed to ascertain the antibacterial potential of Rhus succedanea leaf gall extracts on the growth of gram-positive and gram–negative bacteria. Methods: The methanolic and hexane extract of different concentrations (100, 250, and 500 μg/ml) were prepared and their antibacterial...
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