The impact of enteric coating of aspirin on aspirin responsiveness in patients with suspected or newly diagnosed ischemic stroke: prospective cohort study: results from the (ECASIS) study

Mohamed Nabil Elshafei, Yahia Imam, Arwa Ebrahim Alsaud, Prem Chandra, Aijaz Parray, Mohamed S. Abdelmoneim, Khaldun Obeidat, Razan Saeid, Mohammad Ali, Raheem Ayadathil, Mouhand F. H. Mohamed, Ibtihal M. Abdallah, Shaban Mohammed, Naveed Akhtar & Mohammed Ibn-Masoud Danjuma
Background and purpose Uncertainty remains regarding the impact of enteric-coated aspirin (EC-ASA) on secondary prevention of ischemic stroke compared to plain aspirin (P-ASA). Hence, this study was designed to investigate the effect of EC formulation on ASA response via evaluating thromboxane B2 (TXB2) levels in patients with suspected or newly diagnosed stroke. Methods A prospective cohort study on suspected or newly diagnosed ischemic stroke patients who are aspirin-naive was conducted. Patients were received either EC...
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