Neusling (Landau a.d. Isar) 2011 - An Agricultural EnMAP Preparatory Flight Campaign Using the APEX Instrument (Datasets)

Tobias Benedikt Hank, Katja Richter, Matthias Locherer, Toni Frank & Wolfram Mauser
This data collection contains airborne hyperspectral data as well as accompanying in-situ data acquired in autumn 2011 in the Neusling test area near Landau a.d. Isar in Southern Germany. The dataset is composed of a) three airborne hyperspectral image strips acquired during an overflight on September 10th, 2011 with the APEX instrument. The airborne data consists of 288 spectral bands, ranging from VIS to SWIR (413 - 2449 nm). A mosaic of the three image...
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