A Holocene relative sea-level database for the Baltic Sea

Alar Rosentau, Volker Klemann, Ole Bennike, Holger Steffen, Jasmin Wehr, Milena Latinović, Meike Bagge, Antti Ojala, Mikael Berglund, Gustaf Peterson Becher, Kristian Schoning, Anton Hansson, Lars Nielsen, Lars B. Clemmensen, Mikkel U. Hede, Aart Kroon, Morten Pejrup, Lasse Sander, Karl Stattegger, Klaus Schwarzer, Reinhard Lampe, Matthias Lampe, Szymon Uścinowicz, Albertas Bitinas, Ieva Grudzinska … & Dmitry Subetto
We present a compilation and analysis of 1099 Holocene relative shore-level (RSL) indicators including 867 relative sea-level data points and 232 data points from the Ancylus Lake and the following transitional phase from 10.7 to 8.5 ka BP located around the Baltic Sea. The spatial distribution covers the Baltic Sea and near-coastal areas fairly well, but some gaps remain mainly in Sweden. RSL data follow the standardized HOLSEA format and, thus, are ready for spatially...
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