Survey mode GNSS data, acquired 2014-2019 in the Afghan Hindu Kush and across northern Pamir margin, Central Asia

Sabrina Metzger, Najib Kakar, Alexander Zubovich, Mikhail Borisov, Saifurrahman Saif, Abdul Habib Panjsheri, Jalil Rahman Rahmani, Mohammad Yatim Zaryab, Mohammad Taher Rezai, Zhiguo Deng, Rebecca Bendick, Sofia-Katharina Kufner & Joldosh Okoev
We have installed 19 new Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) markers in the Hindu Kush (NE-Afghanistan) and the North Pamir front (Alai valley) and measured a total of 25 new and existing markers, if possible annually between 2014 and 2020 in survey mode. The stations are positioned along three profiles crossing the NE-striking Panjsheer fault and N-striking Badakhshan fault in the Hindu Kush, and the E-striking Pamir thrust system at the Trans Alai Range. The...
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