Seismic properties and mineralogy of core samples from the COSC-1 borehole, Sweden

Felix Kästner, Quinn Wenning, Alba Zappone, Claudio Madonna, Luiz F.G. Morales, Simona Pierdominici, Christian Berndt, Anja M. Schleicher & Franziska D.H. Wilke
Core samples have been taken for complementary laboratory seismic measurements and mineralogical analyses on whole rock core from the COSC-1 borehole, Sweden (UTM 63.3124, 13.5259). These samples were used to provide and characterize the seismic properties (i.e., seismic velocities and anisotropy) of the drilled rocks from the highly metamorphosed and deformed Seve Nappe Complex, an orogenic thrust zone in the Scandinavian Caledonides, in central Sweden. The laboratory seismic and mineralogical analysis in general comprises three...
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