Experimental data for permeability and stiffness measurements of fractured Flechtingen sandstone measured with a triaxial compression apparatus

Christian Kluge, Guido Blöcher, Hannes Hofmann, Auke Barnhoorn, Jean Schmittbuhl & David Bruhn
Faults and fractures form the largest contrast of fluid flow in the subsurface, while their permeability is highly affected by effective pressure changes. In this experimental study, fractured low-permeability Flechtingen (Rotliegend) sandstones were cyclically loaded in a MTS tri-axial compression cell. Two different loading scenarios were considered: “continuous cyclic loading” (CCL) and “progressive cyclic loading” (PCL). During continuous cyclic loading, a displaced tensile fracture was loaded hydrostatically from 2 to 60 MPa in several repeated...
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