EMCA Central Asia seismic source model

Shahid Ullah, Kanat Abdrakhmatov, Alla Sadykova, Roman Ibragimov, Anatoly Ishuk, Danciu Laurentiu, Stefano Parolai, Dino Bindi, Marc Wieland & Massimiliano Pittore
Version History11 Sep 2019: Release of Version 1.1 with the following changes: (1) new licence: CC BY SA 4.0, modification of the title: removal of file name and version); (2) addition of ORIDs when available; (3) actualisation of affiliations for some authors The metadata of the first version 1.0 is available in the download folder.. Data and file names remain unchanged. Area Source model for Central AsiaThe area sources for Central Asia within the EMCA...
1 citation reported since publication in 2015.
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