Bonn Polarimetric Radar forward Operator (B-PRO)

Xinxin Xie, Prabhakar Shrestha, Jana Mendrok, Jacob Carlin, Silke Trömel & Ulrich Blahak
B-PRO is an offline polarimetric radar forward operator applicable to weather radar frequencies (X, C, S-band) and model output with 1-moment (Lin-Farley-Orville-type; Doms et al., 2011) or 2-moment (Seifert and Beheng, 2005) bulk microphysical schemes. Output variables include horizontal reflectivity (ZH), differential reflectivity (ZDR), specific differential phase (KDP), cross-correlation coefficient (RHO_HV), specific attenuation at horizontal polarization (AH), and specific differential attenuation (ADR). Calculations are performed on the grid, i.e. no volume scan measurements are simulated.
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