ArcticNet/IORVL 1102a - Beaufort Sea CTD data

Yves Gratton, Marjolaine Blais & Dominique Boisvert
The CTD data was obtained during the 2011 ArcticNet scientific cruise #1102a with the participation of Imperial Oil Resources Venture Limited (IORVL). The data were collected from August 14 to 24, 2011, aboard the CCGS Amundsen. There were 21 casts associated to 6 stations, located in Beaufort Sea. The following parameters were measured: temperature, conductivity and pressure (with a Sea-Bird SBE-9plus), dissolved oxygen (Sea-Bird SBE-43), fluorescence (Seapoint chlorophyll fluorometer), CDOM (Wetlabs FL(RT)D), nitrate concentration (Satlantic...
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