ArcticNet 1003b - Northwest Passage CTD Data

, & Gervais Melissa
The CTD data was obtained during the 2010 ArcticNet scientific cruise #1003b. The data were collected from October 8 to 17, 2010, aboard the CCGS Amundsen. There were 27 casts associated to 18 stations, located in the Northwest Passage. The following parameters were measured: temperature, conductivity and pressure (with a Sea-Bird SBE-9plus), dissolved oxygen (Sea-Bird SBE-43), fluorescence (Seapoint chlorophyll fluorometer), CDOM (Wetlabs FL(RT)D), nitrate concentration (Satlantic MBARI-ISUS 5T), transmittance (Wetlabs C-Star transmissometer), light intensity (PAR;...
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